Hello 2017

Hello 2017

As we get into 2017, I’ve been thinking about last year and wanted to list some of the exiting things that happened.

I had the pleasure of working on Sommely, a collaboration between Uncorked Studios and Intel. I built a web app that communicates with a set of electronic wine caps which store information about their wine bottle.

Shortly after finishing my work on Sommely, I joined Work & CO as a Developer in the Portland office. I’ve been a big fan of W&C for years and couldn’t be happier to work among the most talented designers, developers and product managers in the world.

At a person level, I ran more than the previous year and even improved my times a bit (I’m hoping to publish a data viz project with more data as soon as I get the time). I was lucky to join the North/Uncorked Studios team competing in the Hood To Coast Relay and had a blast running with former colleagues. I built a small data visualization about my experience. I also began riding my road bike on longer trips again after a few years of only ridding to commute.

Last but certainly not least, my family welcomed my second daughter, Lucy, to the world right before the end of the year.

I usually don’t like to talk about my plans for the new year but there’re a couple of things I’m really exited about exploring in 2017:

  • I want to continue perfecting my JavaScript focusing on a couple of exciting areas that I find particularly interesting:
    • React and React Native.
    • SVG. This one is a bit broad but I’ve playing with a SVG for some time and I think there’s great opportunity to build fun experiments/art with React and SVG.
    • WebGL as VR has been gaining some momentum in the last year.
  • Run and Bike more.
  • And, of course, spend more time with the fam.